SAS Forum Milan 2017: Sudler’s speech on Smarter analytics, Smarter strategy

Smartest analytics, Smarter strategy

Maurizio Mioli, CEO Sudler International Milano & Zurich
Paolo Mistrorigo, Head of Data Analytics & Strategy Sudler International

Decision-making processes in the area of health and drug choice are constantly changing. Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly challenging to be able to combine insights from diverse and heterogeneous sources (Big Data from Social media, Quality Data from Research and Thought Leaders), with a particular focus on understanding the interactions between the various Stakeholders, from the most traditional ones (physicians and HCPs) to patients, who are more informed and empowered than ever before.

The analytical proprietary tool developed by Sudler International, with the support of SAS, represents a standard of excellence at the heart of our consulting process to help our clients to make their strategic decisions, identifying where the intersections with the best outcomes for patients, HCPs and the industry all coincide.