Artificial intelligence applied to data analysis directs the strategic choices of the pharmaceutical business

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Milan, 9 May 2018

Can Artificial Intelligence give impetus to business strategies? Also in the Healthcare field? How?

Today, the data present in “the cloud”, and held within companies, is numerous and heterogeneous. The ability to acquire, filter and integrate this data allows us to gain a wealth of valuable knowledge to guide important strategic and business choices.

In this highly complex universe, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions within the healthcare/pharmaceutical sector allow us to organize data and acquire the knowledge necessary to develop more effective action and communication plans.

This conference, organized by AboutPharma and Medical Devices, in collaboration with Sudler International, WPP Health & Wellness, SAS, and Kantar Health, aimed to introduce participants to this universe and present a concrete experience from amongst the most innovative ideas to be developed in the pharmaceutical sector: a pilot project based on real data.

Via discussion with a panel of experts the following aspects were investigated:

  • The strategic role of data: from complexity to value for the company
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence for the analysis of different types of data in the pharmaceutical sector
  • The impact of new approaches on the effectiveness of the doctor / patient relationship
  • A concrete case of the innovative use of data in the pharmaceutical field that combines Artificial Intelligence with the knowledge and experience of specialists in Life Sciences

The event was aimed at managers working in pharmaceutical and biotech companies operating in the following functions: Marketing, Market Research, Data Analysis, Product Management and Sales.

More than 100 subscribers, more than 40 Pharmaceutical / Biotech companies

Thanks to all of you for your participation.